A New Credit Card Version 2
                                                                            Bela Feketekuty
I received an unsolicited new credit card in the mail.  Since I already had a credit card, I ignored this one.  Next month, the new credit card statement said that I owed $0.00. Since I had not yet made any purchases on this credit card, I threw the bill away. When I received another bill for $0.00,  I threw that one away too.  But the following month the credit card company sent me a bill of $50 due to late fees.

I became very upset and called the credit card company. They said it was a computer error and told me they'd take care of it. A few days later, I actually used  my new credit card because I mixed it up with the other credit card that I normal use. But my new credit card refused payment and the cashier looked at me in a funny way while he remarked that I am using a bad credit card.   I called the credit card company and they apologized again saying that the only way they were able to waive a penalty on a $0.00 balance was to suspend the credit card.  But there is a $150 fee for re-activating a credit card.  When I angrily protested, the credit card support team promised to waive the $150 re-activation fee and to re-activate my credit card immediately.

Next month I got a bill for $0.00.  I threw it away, but the following month I received another bill for $0.00 and warning me about possible late payment fees. Frustrated, I decided to play with the credit card company at their own game, and mailed them a check for $0.00. Next month, the credit card statement showed that they received the payment of $0.00 and  I did not owe them anything.  I was very proud that I had outfoxed the computer at its own game.

A week later, my bank called me, wanting to know why I wrote a check for $0.00. After giving them my lengthy explanation, the bank informed me that the $0.00 check had caused their check processing software to fail. The bank could not process ANY checks from ANY of their customers that day because my check for $0.00 continued to crash their computer.

The following month I received a bill of $100 from the credit card company because my bank had returned my check of $0.00. I angrily called the credit card support line, but they told me that they can do nothing about it because my bank had actually returned my check of $0.00.  They suggested that I contact my bank.  I wrote the credit card company an angry letter threatening to report them to the federal government and sue them.  Next week, the credit card company called me and informed me that they had waived my bad check penalty and cancelled my credit card per my request.  To confirm the cancellation,  I used my credit card but the transaction was denied.  I was happy because my problems were finally over.

Next month, the credit card company opened another unsolicited account for me and gave me a 5% discount for every purchase that I make because of my previous problems with their credit card.  The balance on my new credit card was $0.00.

Note :   Version I of a New Credit Card was found on the Internet